Musical Artist. Performer. Composer. Improviser. Arranger. Educator.
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Soundtrack Composer

Soundtrack Composer / Performer

In his college life, Joe majored in film and screenwriting at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts (and minored in Music), where he soaked up the craft of cinema alongside distinguished classmates such as mega-star Donald Glover, playwright Sam Hunter, and "Serial" podcast composer Mark Philips.  After graduating with honors, he freelanced in film/TV, even spending a year in the post- department at ABC Newsmagazines, before he succumbed to his urge to pursue a music career full-time.   

Nearly ten years after graduation, in 2017 Joe returned to his second love - cinema - when he was commissioned to compose and record a soundtrack for film director Mike Tyner's short film "Jake", a topical thriller-drama about police brutality in Brooklyn, which earned substantial buzz on the international film festival circuit, including its debut at Cannes.

In 2019 Joe embarked on a solo performance series, creating soundtracks live alongside both film and live theater. Utilizing a full arsenal of effects pedals with his saxophones, and a looping synthesizer/sampler/computer rig, he built dramatic layers and textures in accompaniment to the cult classic tv series “The Leftovers” as well as world-acclaimed puppet theater artists Poncili Creacion.