Musical Artist. Performer. Composer. Improviser. Arranger. Educator.

Original Projects

dustlights, and other original projects

dustlights - "In A Stillness" (CLICK ALBUM FOR LINKS)

In A Stillness - the debut full-length record of dustlights - was born out of two years focussed on creation, destruction, and renewal. While Joe guided the process in a one-hand-on-the-wheel directing style, bassist Ran Livneh and drummer David Christian equally dug deep into their parts and toward envisioning and realizing the essence of the dustlights sound. Many songs began as deep listens, as group improvisations, or as abstract concepts ideas, which were then played, fully developed, re-listened to, often stripped down, and possibly imploded. The survivors of these rigorous development cycles eventually got set into digital stone.

The debut made a genuine splash in niche corners of the world, considering they were an unknown instrumental trio: they garnered radio plays in Europe, a highly coveted slot on Spotify’s “State of Jazz” playlist, and very positive, press write-up’s from, New York Music Daily, and the jazz blog BirdIsTheWorm.

saxonics - Home-studio experiments and creations

Joe has a soundcloud where he shares creative exercises and pieces that he puts together in his home studio.   Often these pieces are meant as places for him to flex and stretch his skills, and try out new tools, and therefore the results are usually very lo-fi and somewhat random in terms of genre. 



Joe Wilson Transmission - New Life Forms

In 2009 Joe put out a record of original neo-jazz, funk, and other fun quirky music.  He led an active Brooklyn band for two years, before touring bands lured him away and the project took an indefinite "hiatus".