Musical Artist. Performer. Composer. Improviser. Arranger. Educator.
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Arrangements, Transcriptions

Arranging, Transcriptions

Joe has created hundreds of charts for bands and horn sections, both by transcribing off of original recordings, and for original creative projects.   As a performer himself, Joe knows the value of taking extra steps to make charts that are easy to sight-read.  He also is experienced in crafting arrangements that support vocalists and enhance overall productions.  His library includes charts designed for pop/top 40, salsa, neo-soul, soul, rock, salsa, cumbia, tejano, Afrobeat, and world fusion acts.   However he has most often been hired for his attention to detail in truly transcribing the quirks and voicings from original recordings.

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New York-based performing Joe’s song and arrangement (with bridge arranged by bandleader Andrés Marin) - “It Is What It Is”.

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